Service Excellence


Creating aspirational connections to property

Duke Realty’s multi-faceted approach based on lifestyle and fashion forms a formidable combination and the centerpiece of a marketing model that is breaking the mould.

A unique vision to marketing property is what truly sets Duke Realty apart. We sell a lifestyle that people fall in love with for each and every listing.

Duke Realty’s vision, marketing model, collaborative team and signature approach adds up to a deeply compelling service rarely seen in the property landscape.

Contact Duke Realty today and give your property the representation it deserves.


The correct styling of your home is imperative to ensure it makes an everlasting impression to maximise the sale price.


Images that capture the true essence of a home, leaving buyers to dream of what their lives would be like residing in these spaces.


Illustrating how the home’s inhabitants will feel living in it while showcasing the exquisite lifestyle on offer.


A person’s status in life is often reflected by the way their home is presented making it vital to a successful sale.


Collaboratively tailored for each project, signature campaigns that capture the true essence of a home.


Marketing which draws on the talents of industry leading creatives to ensure your home connects with key audience.

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