Brisbane real estate continues to be transformed through Duke Realty’s world class marketing approach headed by Director and Bulimba’s top selling agent Sam Patterson.

Duke Realty is breaking the mould through a multi-faceted model honed via Sam’s exemplary sales record which has seen him turnover more than $650 million worth of assets in the past five years.

Duke’s signature style is as bold as it is memorable, supported by striking photography and beautiful marketing material to create a floorless synergy, sky-rocketing the value perception of homes to secure the highest prices possible.

Put simply, Duke Realty doesn’t just sell property, and instead showcases the enviable lifestyle connected to listings to invoke an emotional attachment that turns a house into a home.

And after recently being voted REA’s No.2 Bulimba agency, it is evident Duke Realty’s unique sales approach equals success.

“I want to create emotional connections to property through a marketing model which highlights the amazing lifestyles on offer with every property I list,” Sam said.

“I am truly passionate about property and have hand-picked my team not only on the back of their experience and obvious talents, but on the wonderful people they are.”



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The devoted husband and father of three started his career in the construction industry granting him a unique perspective and insight into what makes a property special. This gives Sam a strong understanding of how to significantly highlight the key features that inspire people to make a purchase.

Possessing a wealth of knowledge relating to market trends, project design, construction, marketing, and the negotiation of sales for both existing and off-the-plan product, Sam and his experienced team is equally adept in either hot or cold markets.

These attributes, coupled with a tenacious desire to succeed and a rare ability to see opportunity where others can’t, makes Duke Realty the perfect partner to sell your home or property development.

“I am dedicated to securing the best outcomes for my valuable clients every time through my unique approach based on experience, professionalism and utmost integrity,” Sam said.

“My career and life have shown me that adversity only makes you stronger with resilience and a never-say-die attitude key to success.”



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Jason Chave’s resume doesn’t read like that of your usual real estate agent, but that’s also definitely one of his greatest strengths.

With a diverse skill set and wide ranging experience across a number of fields, in particular within the construction industry, Jason brings a fresh perspective to key considerations involved in buying and selling real estate, possessing a wealth of knowledge on the various elements involved in preparing a property for sale.

A carpenter by trade and passionate property flipper in times past, Jason’s trade contacts and expertise developed running his own successful carpentry and property maintenance business have seen him assist countless clients in preparing their property for market. Not only does this allow him to offer sound and trusted advice to his vendors, but it is also invaluable in helping buyers identify value and potential in a property, both of which lead to improved results.



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“If you are looking for a real estate agent with experience, local knowledge, a proven sales record and with the added value of auctioneering and interior design skills, look no further than Lisa McKay.”

Lisa McKay is an agent who truly understands what it means to BE MORE to her clients.

More present. More connected. More personal. More focussed. More creative. More attentive. More hands-on.

Yet, more than just a philosophy or a checklist, it’s a commitment you’ll witness in action when it comes to every single property she sells.

To begin with, you’ll recognise a property as one of Lisa’s listings almost immediately upon first sight. Impeccably presented and lovingly curated – with or without the assistance of professional property styling services – Lisa works hand-in-hand (and often room-by-room!) with her owner-clients, ensuring their valued property is presented in its very best light.


Bulimba real estate is being transformed by the game-changing Duke Realty.
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